Katie’s Flowers

Watercolor on 300 lb 100% cotton paper

Mary Walsh Martel / Artist    

 Shire Arts

Having spent 32 years owning a specialty toy shop and closing the door on that career, I was elated that a new door opened in my life that answered my need to create.  Through the medium of watercolor, I began to learn to see my love of the natural world through the eyes of an artist.

Inspired by the drama of light and dark, I have been on a watercolor journey to convey my fascination with nature, its permanence and decay, through the beautiful transparency of the paint.  My job is to harness the way in which watercolor behaves as it meets the paper, and to further allow the colors to mix and blend as they choose.  Allowing the movement of the pigment on its own often provides some beautiful surprises. The transparent nature of the paint lets the white of the paper underneath reflect the light, which can make a painting glow. These qualities have always drawn me to this amazing, magical medium.

I use only 100% cotton watercolor paper in either 140 or 300 lb. weight and professional grade pigments to insure lightfast, rich and luminous color..